PETROL prices in Young have been up to 19 cents a litre cheaper than the state average during the last week.

No matter where consumers shop for petrol, they will have noticed that prices have gone down, but some retailers have dropped their prices more than others.

The cheapest fuels in Young according to the NSW government Fuel Check app as of Wednesday afternoon could be found at Woolworths Petrol and Metro Young on Nasmyth Street who were neck and neck in the pricing department with both centres selling E10 for 113.9 per litre, Premium 95 for 127.9 per litre and Premium Diesel for 119.9 per litre.

Though still considerably lower than the next best on the list, it may have left a few locals scratching their heads with Metro Fuel on the Olympic Highway towards Cootamundra the next best on the list but considerably higher than the Metro Fuels in town.

Metro Fuel on the Olympic Highway was charging 119.9/L for E10, yet their diesel prices remained the same as their in-town counterpart.

BP Young was next best on the list charging 124.9/L for E10 and 129.9 for premium diesel.

​State Averages

•Ethanol 94 (E10) – 130.2 per litre
•Unleaded 91 (U91) – 131.3 per litre
•Premium 95 (P95) – 144.7 per litre
•Premium 98 (P98) – 151.0 per litre
•Diesel (DL) – 128.4 per litre
•Premium Diesel (PD) – 127.9 per litre

According to Fuel Check the highest prices for fuel were paid in January with the state average 131.5 per litre.

A NRMA spokesperson said that though the prices are low at the moment the state average is expected to rise to 134 per litre at the top of the next fuel cycle given current market forces.

The most expensive point of the current cycle was Tuesday April 11 at 134.6 cents per litre for regular unleaded petrol.

Extracted from The Young Witness