A GAS leak at a busy service station in the Cairns CBD forced nearby businesses to evacuate as firefighters worked to eliminate the threat.

A service technician had been called to the site after a small leak was detected at the Mobil petrol station on the corner of Spence and Severin streets yesterday morning.

His work involved decanting about 60L of liquid LPG gas from an underground storage tank, but authorities were called when he realised the leak was beyond his capabilities to repair without their help.

A long, copper safety line running from the tank was propped against a tall ladder to release fumes well above head height.

QFES Cairns station officer Jeff Dieben said LPG was a volatile substance and all precautions were taken to minimise the risk. He said the service station was evacuated and adjoining businesses were notified.

“The threat has been eliminated and the service station is back in full operation,” he said yesterday.

Extracted from Adelaide Now.