The new online service allows customers to perform essential account management services such as:

  • The ability to easily view all transactions made to an account
  • Request a receipt if the original has been lost
  • Set product controls on all cards on account
  • Change PIN status and set a new PIN on all cards
  • Set up Annual and Quarterly Activity Reports

The user experience (UX) of this Online Service Centre is more contemporary and intuitive. It is the second important digital release for the WEX Motorpass business with the first being last year when they unveiled their new online application with instant credit decisioning meaning that many customers are approved in real time.

“Business customers are increasingly expecting the same of type of experience at work that they get in their personal, or ‘real life’, similar to what they do with their major banks,” said Susan Nicholson, WEX Director of Product & Marketing Asia Pacific. “Customer experience is a critical consideration when thinking about how your organisation is going to be relevant tomorrow. When we started on our transformation a couple of years ago we weren’t naïve enough to think we could do it by ourselves. We collaborated with the best and brightest and engaged Sapient Nitro/Razorfish to help with the strategy and important design elements. This enabled us to have an output we could be proud of while building up the capability of our internal resources. Building our digital skill set has been central to the growth in our innovation capability. These efforts have been recognized with WEX Australia being named in Australia’s top 50 most innovative companies in 2016.”

Jim Madytianos, WEX Australia’s Head of Information Technology, stated “While clearly I am thrilled with what has been delivered and the step change in our digital capability, at the heart of the growth is the relationship between the the WEX and Sapient Nitro/Razorfish teams to get such a terrific outcome. What we have seen here is teamwork at its best with technology and product partnering to deliver a superior user experience.”

Extracted from Business Wire.