Prefect Agencies received a concerning report this week from Mick Hope, the owner of Freedom Fuels in Arundall, who intercepted 3 counterfeit notes using an MCD-705 which he had purchased just weeks before.

Mick tells us that when the police arrested the perpetrator he had a rucksack full of fake notes.

This incident highlights the ongoing risk that counterfeiters pose to business large and small all over Australia, and mirrors reports which we have received from clients in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

Most commonly counterfeit notes are passed in busy retail outlets, usually targeting young workers.  Prime targets are fuel retailers, convenience and fast food stores as well as busy, dimly lit venues like nightclubs and pubs.  We have also had reports where counterfeits are passed as part of large bundles of cash (think car dealerships).

For a small investment today you could significantly reduce your risk and associated losses from accepting fake notes.  In Micks’ case he received 100% of his investment back within weeks of installing MCD705’s at his point of sales.

Until 30th June ACAPMA members can purchase the MCD-705 at the discounted rate of $268.20.  Bulk discounts are available for +5 units

Orders can be placed by calling 07 3700 4662 or emailing and quoting MCD30 for claim your discount.

Prefect Agencies provides a comprehensive range of counterfeit detection equipment and offers training seminars for groups to ensure you are fully protected.  We have a clear, concise and accurate counterfeit detection guide available as a free download at The guide is a great training tool to share with your staff.