The NSW Small Business Commissioner commissioned research on business attitudes and views of cybercrime. This is so that we can better inform government, industry and other stakeholders of cyber security awareness among small to medium-sized business owners in NSW.Cyber Scare cover image

The emergence of digital technology as a global, shared infrastructure has contributed to a growing risk of cyber security events or cybercrime. Cyber security events, previously unknown or rare in the 1990s, now occur globally, every second that an organisation operates online.

Around one in three small to medium-sized businesses in NSW have been victims of cybercrime, and it is rated by SMEs as the fifth biggest risks to their business.

Read about the problems small to medium-sized businesses have experienced in our Cyber Scare report.
Download the full report Cyber Scare: A look at small to medium-sized business and the emergence of cybercrime in Australia (PDF 1.4 MB)
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