Gascorp (Budget Petrol Wholesale) launched its premium-diesel offer and Budget Petrol-branded Exxon Mobil Fuel 1 card with a promotional event at its Mascot site in Sydney on Wednesday.

Between 10am and 2pm, drivers could buy premium diesel for 98.9 cents per litre (cpl), which was 30cpl cheaper than at the nearest competing outlet. Trucks, vans and cars queued for the offer – promoted for two weeks before the event via an electronic message board on the busy Botany Road.

Customers were invited to enjoy complimentary coffee and doughnuts, enter a competition to win a $1,000 fuel voucher, and learn about premium diesel from representatives of Mobil and Budget Petrol.

Budget Petrol’s premium diesel is suitable for use in all diesel-powered engines now on the road in Australia. It is claimed to be engineered to help maintain engine performance, improve fuel quality and reduce emissions, while providing a faster, more efficient fill.

Gascorp has introduced premium diesel to a handful of Budget Petrol stores. The Mascot store was selected for the launch as a key diesel site in a prime logistics area.

Gascorp Operations Manager Diann Melas and the new sales manager for Fuel 1/Budget card, John Dangas, were on site to introduce customers to Budget Petrol’s Fuel 1 card. Ms Melas said the card (an Exxon Mobil/WEX/Budget Petrol co-branded card) offered great volume-based discounts in addition to already competitively discounted board prices at Budget Petrol outlets. The card caters for small businesses, which gain discounts from 1cpl for as little as 1,000 litres per month, with tiers of further discounts up to fleets using 100,000 litres or more per month, which can receive discounts of up to 6cpl.

Ms Melas told Convenience World the event was highly successful, with more than 20,000 litres of premium diesel sold during the four-hour promotion.

“The rollout of the new product will occur over the next six months and will be available at the majority of Budget Petrol outlets in NSW,” she said.

“Our customers are asking for premium grades of petrol, and now diesel also, so we have reacted with a high-quality, premium-grade diesel sourced directly from Mobil.

“We hope to see the Fuel1/Budget Petrol card and premium diesel give consumers and commercial customers the opportunity to visit independent stores in NSW over the large oil-company sites.”

Extracted from Convenience World.