Arthur J. Gallagher (formerly OAMPS) has been ACAPMA’s insurance partner for more than 30 years.

As a specialist broker for the fuel industry and convenience stores sector, Arthur J. Gallagher (AJG) sees a large number of claims on a monthly basis which can act as reminder to other businesses in the industry to the risks they face on a daily basis.

AJG’s latest incident report features some major insurance claims events that are relevant to businesses across the sector.

Incident report July 2017

  1. A single vehicle accident in central QLD saw a tanker badly damaged and spill its load. Fortunately the driver was unhurt and no other parties were involved. A very swift emergency response and clean up prevented an excessive claim.
  2. A tanker overfill incident resulted in several hundred litres of fuel being spilled at a depot in the Melbourne suburbs. It is unclear at this stage whether there was an issue with the safety gauge. Again, however, a prompt clean-up response minimised the impact of the incident.
  3. A series of three ram raids took place on service stations in the space of just 10 days in order to steal cigarettes. This is highly unusual, because the vast majority of ram raids of this type take place in the eastern states. All three of the sites were hugely compromised by the incidents. We hope these will be isolated incidents and not the start of a trend of attacks of the sort regularly seen in eastern states.
  4. A series of armed raids have taken place at service stations in the eastern states. Melbourne is very much the capital when it comes to events of this type, although we’ve seen similar incidents in NSW and southern QLD as well. The tragedy of these events is that vulnerable console staff are being targeted and harmed for the sake of a few packets of cigarettes and perhaps a couple of hundred dollars in cash from the tills. The emotional impact on the console staff can be severe. In several cases the staff may never return to work due to the level of trauma experienced.
  5. The ATO in VIC and NSW is continuing to target the fuel industry with tax investigations and audits. For the most part these have progressed smoothly, but there is always the risk of a tax audit should any discrepancies be uncovered. Tax audit insurance is available as a bolt-on to standard business insurance policies and may be worth considering, as it can provide a lump sum to cover the cost of a tax audit. The average cost of preparing a response to an audit estimated to be in the region of $25,000.

Sound risk management and robust insurance programs should allow businesses in the fuel and convenience stores sectors to survive most of the incidents reported this month.

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