A WOMAN who twice filled her car tank with fuel at a BP service station and then left without paying has been convicted of dishonestly obtaining property by deception and fined.

The matters against Brooke Debbie Allison, 18, of Payne Close in Kelso, were heard before magistrate Michael Allen in Bathurst Local Court.

Allison, who was also convicted of being an unlicensed driver, did not appear to answer the charges and Mr Allen dealt with them in her absence, under Section 196.

Police facts tendered to the court told how Allison filled up the tank of a Holden Astra without paying at 3am on June 9 this year and in doing so, dishonestly obtained the fuel from the property of the BP service station.

Four days later, on June 13, she did the same thing.

The court heard that on the first offence, Allison drove the white Holden Astra into the BP service station and drove to pump three.

While at the pump, she was wearing a pinkish coloured hoodie over her head and grey trackpants. She filled up the car with 39.35 litres of fuel valued at $49.45 and after filling the tank, climbed back into the vehicle and drove away, making no attempt to pay.

Police were contacted as a result of her failing to pay and looked at the status of her licence as part of their inquiries.

It was found she had never held any form of licence or permit enabling her to drive in any state or territory of Australia.

The court also heard that Allison appeared before Bathurst Local Court on April 24, 2017 for the offence of a never licensed driver driving on the road and she was fined $300.

Police also conducted inquiries on the status of the registration of the vehicle and found it was endorsed cancelled on June 7, 2017 for fine default.

At the time of the second offence [June 13, 2017], Allison was a passenger in the car.

On this occasion, she climbed out, filled the car with 39.91 litres of fuel to the value of $50.15, put the fuel nozzle back into the bowser, climbed into the rear of the vehicle and the driver drove off, without any attempt being made to pay for the fuel.

For the two charges of dishonestly obtaining property by deception, for the offences which occurred on June 9 and June 13, Allison was convicted and fined $250 on each count.

Extracted from Western Advocate.