A quick-thinking petrol station attendant has helped save a young man from a massive fireball, after he reversed his car into a Glen Waverly petrol bowser.

Narendren Ramakrishnan told police he had tried to fill up with gas at the Caltex service station on Springvale road but while repositioning his car, he accidently hit the accelerator and reversed into the LPG pump.

Flames erupted and toxic smoke billowed from the blazing car as passing motorists captured dramatic pictures.

“It was my mistake I was just trying to reverse the car,” a visibly shaken Mr Ramakrishnan told 7 News.

“Thank god no-one got hurt.”

Firefighters arrived within minutes and while the bowser and the car were destroyed, the driver escaped without any injuries

Emergency service workers have praised the quick actions of service station attendants who quickly isolated the underground tanks and avoided a catastrophic explosion.

“Not so quick we could have had an LPG leak and ultimately a bigger explosion,” one firefighter said.

Firefighters believe a spark from the accident probably ignited the gas.

Extracted from Yahoo News.