Fuel sellers in Queensland who are required to meet the biofuels mandate must report their sales volumes on a quarterly basis. This includes all wholesalers, and fuel retailers that have 10 or more sites or sell more than 500,000 litres of petrol at a site in a calendar quarter.

More information about the mandate and reporting requirements can be found on the Queensland Government fuel sellers’ webpage (see: https://www.business.qld.gov.au/industries/manufacturing-retail-distribution/retail-wholesale/requirements-fuel-sellers)

Liable fuel sellers should use the Queensland Government’s secure online portal (see: https://forms.business.gov.au/smartforms/servlet/SmartForm.html?formCode=QldGov15-QFS-2017Q3) to report the volumes of fuel sold at each fuel facility between 1 July to 30 September 2017.

To assist fuel sellers with their submissions, the Queensland Fuel Seller Reporting User Guide contains instructions on how to complete and submit reports. (see: https://www.dews.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0007/1275964/biofuels-user-guide-october.pdf).

Fuel sellers should submit their report as soon as they can, and no later than 31 October 2017. Penalties may apply if sellers do not report correctly or fail to report by the required date.

If a fuel seller does not meet the above definition of a liable seller, the quarterly report is not required. These businesses can choose to provide information quarterly, or submit an annual sales report in July 2018.

Avoid common mistakes

Prior to submitting reports, fuel sellers should ensure all details are accurate including sales volumes, ABN and business details. Accessing and referencing a saved record of previous mandate reporting will assist in ensuring that all site details match so that duplication errors can be avoided.

Fuel sellers using the multi-site bulk upload spreadsheet option should follow the online instructions carefully. Any changes made to the spreadsheet format may cause the upload to fail and the Queensland Government will require the data to be submitted again.

Keeping business details up to date

 To meet obligations as a fuel seller, businesses must keep registration details up to date. This includes contact details, the address of each facility and grades of fuel supplied from each facility.

If registration details change, fuel sellers should notify the Queensland Government within one month by outlining the changes in an email to the Chief Executive of the Queensland Department of Energy and Water Supply via biofuels@dews.qld.gov.au.

Biofuels Exemptions

Fuel retailers who believe that that cannot reasonably supply biofuels at their site/s can lodge an application for partial (i.e. some sites) or wholesale (i.e. all sites) exemption of their business from the Queensland Biofuels Mandate.

Applications for exemption must be based on one or more of the exemption criteria identified in the Queensland Biofuels Exemption Guidelines (see https://www.dews.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0003/405651/biofuels-exemption-guideline.pdf).

Any business seeking assistance with the lodgement of an exemption application – or experiencing problems following lodgement of an application – should contact the ACAPMA Secretariat on 1300 160 270 or email markm@acapma.com.au.