Two burglars are on the run after attempting to ram raid the BP at Youngtown in the early hours of Sunday.

Using a stolen car to smash into the front of the service station about 3am, the two would-be thieves caused about $24,000 damage.

Caught on camera, they can be seen fleeing on foot seconds after driving into the building and causing the security alarm to go off.

Both burglars, believed to be a man and a woman, were wearing hoodies, face masks and gloves.

The car was reportedly stolen from Medina Street at Youngtown about two weeks ago and had false number plates when it was used at the BP.

Owners of the Hobart Road business said they have 16 CCTV cameras and have supplied footage to police, which shows one of the offenders throwing away a bag with an axe inside as she fled from the scene.

The service station remains open for business.

Extracted from The Examiner.