CHEAP diesel is the order of the day today as the cheapest service station in Darwin drops its prices.

FuelXpress in Winnellie will drop diesel prices to just 104.9¢/L from 9am to 12pm to celebrate the station’s first birthday.

Station general manager Pat O’Connell said he wanted to support his customers.

“We want to reward those people that have supported us over the past year,” he said.

FuelXpress has been the cheapest service station in the Darwin area for 25 days now, selling unleaded 91 fuel for an average of 10¢/L less than everywhere else.

Adelaide River resident Ian Rixon said fuel prices really affected his business.

“I do earthmoving and we have a couple of pods that are 400-500L each,” he said. “Any saving is a big saving for me … it’s great news to have a cheap fuel option.”

On Wednesday the NT News revealed Australian Competition and Consumer Commission chairman Rod Sims was urging motorists to patronise FuelXpress, over other service stations.

“If FuelXpress at Winnellie were to get more custom, would be great,” he said. “It’s time for Darwin motorists to fight back … Swinging business towards those who are pricing at lower levels is the best way to get prices down. ”

On Wednesday diesel prices in Darwin were averaging more than 138¢/L. Petrol prices will remain around the 133¢/L mark at FuelXpress today.

Extracted from: Herald Sun