Dunsborough locals have vowed to fight on to stop a petrol station being built directly opposite one servo and just a few hundred metres from another.

Residents have already spent more than two years against the Puma Energy development in the heart of town on Dunn Bay Road.

And the fight is not over.

We’re absolutely furious that this has gone through,” Samantha Bottegal said.

“This just flies in the face of common sense planning,” Dunsborough Districts Progress Association Trish Flower added

“I’m really appalled that anyone would consider developing a third petrol station in the main street of a small tourist town.”

Action group, Puma2Go claims the new service station would cause congestion through town.

“Trying to have trucks and tankers and caravans and boats pulling in and out of the centre is bad – bad for the town centre, bad for business, bad for the community,” Ms Flower said.

Planning approval for the petrol station has twice been denied by the Southern Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP), but was later approved by the State Administrative Tribunal when rebranded as a 24-hour convenience store.

JDAP has since appealed that decision and the matter is heading to the Supreme Court in February.

“We are all for Puma coming to town, we are all for competitive pricing but we are not for this location,” Ms Flower said.

“Commonage Road, which is the main thoroughfare through to Yallingup and surrounds … it would be a perfect location for a Puma petrol station.”

Extracted from: The Western Australian