Tesla is down to just one Supercharger station in Australia’s biggest city, after The Star shut down the charging station in its car park in inner city Sydney.

Business Insider understands the Supercharger facilities at the casino ceased operations about a fortnight ago. Both the charging destination map on the Tesla website and within the cars themselves no longer show The Star as a location to juice up the electric vehicles.

Supercharger stations allow Tesla cars to receive a quick charge – about 50% in 20 minutes or 75 minutes for a full battery – for long distance driving or when a rapid boost is needed away from home.

Both Tesla and The Star declined to comment.

Business Insider understands a one-hour limit for the charging facilities at The Star was a source of complaints from Tesla owners.

A Tesla owner wrote of “an unpleasant experience” at The Star on an online forum in September 2015, which seems to pinpoint when the casino started enforcing the time limit.

“I had stayed for just under 2 hours and the [casino] management demanded payment for parking and refused to allow the vehicle to exit,” she said.

“After threats from Star City management to call the police, a few unpleasant exchanges of words and, finally, intervention from the Tesla general manager we were permitted to leave on this occasion. Letters I wrote to Tesla management and to Star City have gone unanswered but on a recent stop to charge at Star City last week, I noted that there are now signs in the Tesla charging bay that there is a one hour free parking limit.”

The only remaining Supercharger station left in Sydney, which is available 24 hours, is on the north shore at St Leonards at the Tesla dealership. To compensate for the closure at The Star, more charging bays are being built at St Leonards.

Tesla cars that were ordered before January 17 this year have unlimited free use of Supercharging, while those ordered after the cutoff have 400kWh free credits each year.

Extracted from Business Insider.