Drivers in Melbourne’s south-east are facing expensive repair bills after the wrong petrol was put into a local service station fuel bowser.

The motorists thought they were filling up with unleaded petrol at United in Cranbourne, but it was diesel flowing through the pump.

“I was in tears, I wanted to cry,” motorist Lorena said after her Mazda broke down.

The service station says it has since shut off the unleaded pump after a number of complaints.

It blames the delivery truck driver for the mix up.

But the news has done little to help those motorists who are facing thousands of dollars in repair bills for the error.

Victims are considering a class action, given a similar issue at the same station earlier this year.

According to 7 News, on that occasion water came through the petrol pumps.

“Something has to be done about it,” Lorena said.

“I mean it is not fair that you’ve trusted that you’ve put the right petrol in and you got given something else and therefore you don’t have a car.”

Extracted from the West Australian.