To drive efficiencies and decrease time-waste, one of the largest hotel groups in Australia has recently undergone an overhaul of their cash-handling processes, implementing a simple, cost-effective solution which is projected to save the company time and money, significantly impacting profitability and providing a ROI within approximately six months.

The solution is simple, a powerful and highly accurate note & coin scale, which allows till-reconciliations to be done in as little as 30 seconds, saving between 5 –10 minutes.

Recommended by Prefect Agencies after analysing cash-handling procedures, the CountEasy Touch has transformed the cash-handling area of this business.

While 10 minutes seems like an insignificantly small amount of time, when taken across a venue with a large number of POS terminals, running 2 -3 shifts per day / 7 days a week, the labour savings soon mount up.  This can hold true even for smaller retailers running 2-3 till points.

The cost of inefficient cash-handling is often under-estimated.  Most businesses neglect this vital area in favour of more obvious cost and waste-management activities and yet, there are few areas where a simpler solution can be implemented with a more immediate impact on profitability.

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