A fuel company has unveiled plans for an A-triple truck refuelling stop on the northern entrance to Katherine.

Singapore-based Puma Energy plans to build the $1.4 million service station in Emungalan Road, near Crowhurst Engineering.

Puma Energy last year unveiled plans to build a $7.2 million service station/restaurant in Katherine East.

The service station will be on the corner of the Stuart Highway and Bicentennial Road, near the cultural centre.

This latest move by Puma Energy will see the company locate its “Katherine Transport Terminal and Unmanned refuelling facility” on Emungalan Road, not far from other fuel stations in Zimmin Drive.

This new terminal is designed to cater for A-triple transports.

The site at 40 Emungalan Road has two hectares and “will perform the functions of retail fuel sales, unloading and loading in the process of temporary storage of goods, secure garaging and basic maintenance of heavy vehicles, amenities for fleet vehicle drivers and an administration office”.

According to planning documents, the proposal will include:

  • Fuel bowsers with protective bollards and high-clearance overhead canopy;
  • Underground fuel storage tanks;
  • Truck and large vehicle parking within a securely fenced perimeter;
  • Use of an existing open storage shed as a transport terminal; and
  • Use of an existing administration office building to support site operations.

The facility will allow vehicles (predominately larger commercial vehicles) to purchase fuel from two unattended bowsers toward the Emungalan Road frontage.

Fuel will be available for purchase 24-hours using electronic means.

“The transport terminal will cater for large vehicles up to A-triples with sufficient area to enter and circulate through the site,” planning documents state.

The site will have a maximum of three permanent terminal staff and two drivers based in Katherine.

Last year Puma Energy revealed plans for a $7.2 million service station/restaurant in Katherine.

Puma Energy wants to build a service station in a prime location at the corner of the Stuart Highway and Bicentennial Road, near the cultural centre.

Plans for the service station including a cafe with seating for 28 people.

There will be six toilets, a truckers lounge area with seating, laundry and showers.

Puma’s original development proposal wanted three long vehicle parking bays but the new proposal calls for five 53m long bays and an extra four bays for road trains.

“The addition of a rest stop with dining area and shower facilities along the Stuart Highway in Katherine will contribute positively to road safety in the Northern Territory and will help drives manage fatigue,” planning documents state.

The public can comment on the latest proposal until February 7.

Extracted from Blayney Chronicle.