By Brad Jones, P97

Fuel retailers need to make the experience of buying fuel simpler and more effective. Using mobile commerce, retailers can increase revenue by providing better offers and bundling more value-added services to the transaction. This is made possible by analysing customer interaction patterns to provide in-context offers and providing new channels such as the connected-car to enable the consumer to search, navigate, and pay.

Key considerations:

  1. Breaking application siloes
  2. Integrated point of sale systems
  3. Secure mobile payments
    1. Geo-location services
    2. Identity authentication
    3. Mobile wallet ready
  4. Connected cars
  5. Advanced analytics
  6. Flexible deployment

Fuel retailers are looking for solutions that help address these challenges. Some of these solutions will lead to access to larger amounts of data which will need to be securely stored. New technology provides many solutions to deal with these issues, but the retailer needs help to find the means to enable different applications to work together in the optimal combinations, and to fit them into their legacy estate of sites.

Considering PetroZone’s Proven Mobile Commerce Solution

“People have come to expect certain conveniences when they shop, travel, and handle their finances–such as mobile access, personalization, loyalty tracking, and no-touch transactions,” Andrew Feinberg, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP and US Restaurants and Food Service leader, said.

In order to meet customer expectations, businesses have to be constantly innovating. There’s a need for IT architecture in oil companies and merchants that provides a secure and reliable environment for customer transactions. The Microsoft Retail Fuels Marketing Reference Architecture white paper lists the guiding principles to a successful mobile commerce program, and references PetroZone as a leading solution.

PetroZone is a cloud-based mobile commerce and digital marketing solution that connects fuel retailers to their customers by enabling mobile payments and digital marketing campaigns. It provides architecture that serves as a common, reliable environment for implementation and integration of the many technologies required by a fuel retailer to help develop their future IT architecture, helping to dramatically improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness for analysis, operations, and business.

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