7-Eleven and Simply Cups have joined forces to help rescue 70 million cups from landfill each year- or two per second – and they are calling on Australians to join the revolution and help the environment.

Dedicated recycling stations have been installed at more than 200 7-Eleven stores across Australia, enabling customers and members of the public to dispose of all takeaway coffee and Slurpee-type cups in an eco-friendly way. The waste will then be collected, processed and recycled on-shore by Simply Cups.

Rob Pascoe, Founder of Closed Loop’s Simply Cups, said there is a common misconception that most takeaway cups are recycled but this is not case, with more than one billion ending up in landfill each year in Australia.

“Takeaway cups are lined with polyethylene which prevents liquids from seeping through the cup, but also prevents the cups being recycled through normal paper recycling facilities,” said Pascoe.

Fortunately, Simply Cups has developed a homegrown solution. The company has technology that removes the plastic lining from paper-based cups so that both materials can then be processed in regular paper and plastic recycling facilities.

“By collecting takeaway cups via a separate waste stream, Simply Cups can ensure that cups collected through the dedicated 7-Eleven bins will be recycled,” Pascoe added. “We’re really excited to be partnering with 7-Eleven to help solve one of Australia’s biggest waste problems.”

Angus McKay, 7-Eleven Chief Executive Officer, said 7-Eleven is committed to helping the community recycle 70 million cups each year, the equivalent to the number sold in-store.

“As Australia’s second largest takeaway coffee destination we have a responsibility to take the lead and find a solution to save cups from going to landfill,” said McKay. “We’re thrilled to be partnering with Simply Cups to kick start the cup recycling revolution across Australia.”

“Our goal is to change the way people think about recycling and encourage other organisations and community members to get on board and install a Simply Cups bin in their workplace, park or school, and make a difference to future generations.” he added.

The 7-Eleven Simply Cups bins are being rolled out across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia and have separate receptacles for lids and cups. Any brand of take-away coffee cup or Slurpee-style paperboard cup can be recycled at 7-Eleven.

For more information about Simply Cups visit https://www.simplycups.com.au and to find your nearest 7-Eleven recycling station go to 7eleven.com.au/cuprescue.