Ben Boyd service station in Eden has received several awards from Shell Australia acknowledging their many years of service as a Shell distributor, excellent sales record and their approach to customer service.

Service station proprietor, Marty Davidson said the announcement was made on Thursday, March 8 at the Shell dealer conference.

“It is good to get the recognition,” he said. “We work very hard on a small site.”

Ben Boyd Service station was awarded the top site for New South Wales based on volume and growth over the previous year and fuel sales and performance.They also received an award as part of Shell’s mystery shopper program and a plaque for ten years service as a Shell distributor.

The service station is named after Scottish entrepreneur Benjamin Boyd whose grandiose plans to establish a large township on the shores of Twofold bay collapsed under the weight of financial mismanagement.

Mr Davidson has owned the business for 30 years but unlike the service station’s namesake has managed to navigate the economic ebbs and flows of a regional and remote area.

“We are experiencing some good patches now, in the tough times we just kept toiling through,” he said.

There have also been some unique challenges operating a service station in a remote location.

“It is a lot of hard work and a lot of hours trying to get to the small things,” he said. “Getting fuel supplies from Parramatta is one of our biggest concerns.”

Over 30 years of business Mr Davidson has also witnessed the changing nature of the industry.

“The mechanical and fuel side of the industry is changing,” he said. “With computerised and hybrid vehicles you have to be on top of changing technologies all the time.”

During his 30 years, Mr Davidson has seen a myriad of faces and personalities come through his doors but maintains the loyalty of Eden people keeps his business ticking over.

“We rely on local people and we get a lot of support from our local customers.”

Extracted from Goondiwinidi Argus