Canberrans are paying more than 10 cents a litre extra for fuel on average compared with other capital cities, and prices are expected to remain high over the Easter long weekend.

New data reveals motorists have been charged an average 148.3 cents per litre for premium unleaded fuel in Canberra since Christmas Day.

The next most expensive capital city is Perth, where the average price is 137 cents per litre, with Sydney the cheapest at 133.5 cents a litre.

Household savings expert Abigail Koch, from, said the website’s petrol analysis revealed prices over the last quarter were at their highest for more than a year.

“Canberra motorists have been absolutely slugged at the bowser, and there doesn’t seem to be any long-term relief in sight,” Ms Koch warned, as people prepare to hit the road for the Easter long weekend.

Ms Koch said by shopping around, motorists could save up to 20 cents a litre.

This week, Fyshwick has been the cheapest ACT suburb to fill up in, at an average 139.9 cents per litre, while prices in suburbs such as Tuggeranong, Holt and Belconnen were around 149.9 cents per litre.

Holt resident Bruce Kentwell pointed this out in a letter to The Canberra Times, saying that just a short drive away, across the NSW border in Queanbeyan, fuel was 18 cents a litre cheaper than in Holt.

“On a 60-litre tank of petrol, that equates to a $10.80 difference,” Mr Kentwell said, labelling the high prices “a rip-off”.

Ms Koch agreed that Canberra motorists got “the raw end of the deal”, which was largely the result of there not being many independent operators putting downward pressure on the big players.

“The one real upside is Costco, which is usually much cheaper,” she said.

“That’s why, typically, the best prices in the ACT can be found around Canberra Airport and Fyshwick. The operators in that area need to lower their prices to compete.”

Extracted from The Age