IF YOU live in Sydney, fill up now — because petrol prices aren’t going to get any cheaper as we get closer to the long weekend.

That’s the blunt message from NRMA spokesman Peter Khoury, who said while Sydney drivers were now getting a good fuel deal, the same can’t be said for the rest of the country.

“It’s better news in Sydney than elsewhere because petrol prices are at the bottom of the cycle at $1.27 per litre, which is as low as they will get, so fill up now,” he said.

“Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the other capital cities which are at the mid-to-high $1.40 mark.

“Although prices are falling, they’ve just got to the high point of the cycle, so those falls will happen slowly.”

Mr Khoury said NSW drivers should check the NRMA fuel app for the best deals while motorists from other states should visit their local motoring club website for the best pricing information.

“In NSW the average prices are pretty good. In Sydney, there are bargains to be had with a number of service stations at below average prices — the cheapest we’ve seen in Sydney is $1.17 a litre,” he said.

“Especially as you get out of Sydney, it’s important to do your research before you fill up because regional towns have less competition, but there are always gems out there.

“If you are outside of NSW and you can stay out of service stations, please do so.”

The quarterly average price for unleaded petrol in Australia’s major capital cities between December 25, 2017 and March 25, 2018. Picture: Comparethemarket.com.au

According to the latest quarterly petrol analysis from comparethemarket.com.au, motorists in Sydney and Perth will enjoy prices towards the lowest part of the petrol cycle this Easter, while drivers in Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide are advised to top up only what they need to instead of filling up their tanks.

The results have revealed that over the last quarter, the average price across the country was 137.4 cents per litre (cpl) — the highest in more than a year.

“Petrol prices in most capital cities, excluding Canberra, run on a cycle of seven days to seven weeks,” comparethemarket.com.au household savings expert Abigail Koch said.

“As part of the cycle, prices around the country should ease leading into Easter, but only Sydney and Perth prices will be at their lowest in the cycle.”

Meanwhile, the Australasian Convenience and Petroleum Marketers Association (ACAPMA), the peak body representing service station operators, has challenged the Liberal National Party to provide evidence to support their claims that the NSW Fuel Check laws have reduced the price of an average fill by $6.

CEO Mark McKenzie challenged party leader Deb Frecklington to provide evidence to support claims that the introduction of compulsory fuel price reporting laws in NSW had reduced petrol prices by an average of 10cpl.

“There is simply no evidence to support the LNP claims that the introduction of compulsory fuel price reporting laws has lowered fuel prices by 10cpl or $6 for an average 60 litres fill in Sydney,” Mr McKenzie said.


Sydney: Drivers paid an average of 133.5cpl over the quarter — the second cheapest in the country.

The most expensive subregions were the Eastern Suburbs at 138.4cpl and north of the city, while petrol was 6.9cpl less in Fairfield-Liverpool at 131.5cpl.

Later this week will be the best time to fill up as prices near the bottom of the cycle — as low as 119.5cpl in Condell Park and as high as 143.5cpl in Dural.

Melbourne: Drivers should hold off filling up their tanks for as long as possible and only fill up as much as they need.

Prices are nearing the top of the cycle but should ease slightly into the weekend.

Melbourne petrol prices sat at around 136.3cpl over the quarter, with Vermont being the cheapest subregion to fill up at 132.9cpl while drivers in Greensborough and Ivanhoe paid the most at 138.1cpl.

Brisbane: Prices are at the top but should start to ease off slightly leading into the weekend.

Mango Hill had the cheapest petrol price at 141.3cpl while over the quarter the subregion of South West Brisbane had the lowest price at 135.6cpl.

Adelaide: Residents have been paying the least for fuel over the quarter, with an average around 131.4cpl.

The best deals were found in the western and beach suburbs, with prices sitting around 129.3cpl, while motorists in the southern suburbs were being slugged 132.4cpl.

Perth: Prices are expected to fall over the long weekend, but should peak again next Tuesday. Motorists in the South region paid around 137.2cpl over the quarter and those in the East region around 136.0cpl.

The cheapest suburb is now South Lake, with prices as low as 120.8cpl.

Canberra: Prices have been high over the last quarter, with an average around 148.3cpl. Fyshwick is the cheapest suburb to fill up the tank, at 139.9cpl, while prices in suburbs such as Tuggeranong, Holt and Belconnen are around 149.9cpl.

Extracted from Courier Mail.