More than one million people in Australia have downloaded 7-Eleven’s “world first” fuel app since its launch in 2016, collectively saving more than $4.5 million on fuel purchases, according to the convenience-store chain.

7-Eleven Digital Manager Paul Wallace says the app gives customers the ability to take control of their savings.

“The 7-Eleven fuel app lets customers lock in 7-Eleven’s best local price and then redeem it at any 7-Eleven store Australia-wide within the next seven days,” he said. “We’ve found the average saving for redeemed fuel-lock vouchers is about $4.59.

“By locking in when fuel pricing is lower in the market and filling up when it suits them, our app makes saving on fuel purchases convenient for our customers.”

Consumers can also use the app to search and compare 7-Eleven’s local prices when considering where to stop for fuel.

“The fuel app provides consumers with near to real-time data on what our fuel prices are in the area they’re in,” Mr Wallace said. “More than 16 million best-local-price searches have been completed, empowering consumers to make informed choices about buying fuel.”

He added that 7-Eleven customers are also taking advantage of the app’s free-product offers and discounts to maximise their savings.

“It’s a focus for 7-Eleven to provide our customers with great value,” he said. “The fuel-price lock is a great way to save on fuel, but it has savings for customers who aren’t filling up the car, too. Any customer with the app can save with discounts and free offers on our in-store range of products. More than 700,000 fuel-app-only offers have been redeemed by our customers.”

The 7-Eleven fuel app is available to download from the App Store or Google Play.

Extracted from Convenience World.