STROPPY and frustrated when his favourite petrol bowser was slow to deliver the needed ingredient to his car, Joel Way gave the bowser a hard slap.

The slap landed him before an Ipswich court magistrate charged with doing wilful damage to a bowser. Way, 26, from Redbank Plains pleaded guilty to committing the offence on January 18.

Prosecutor Sergeant Tracy Long said police had been called to Freedom Fuels in Redbank Plains at 2pm when staff complained that a customer used a petrol pump and was seen to strike digital screen. The man then left.

She said when police spoke to Way he had been very apologetic, saying he’d become frustrated at it.

Police did not say in open court what damage, if any, was done. Defence lawyer Naadira Omarjee agreed Way became frustrated with the bowser he regularly used to fill up his car.

“It was a smack with an open hand he tells me,” she said.

Ms Omarjee sought a good behaviour bond with no conviction for the offence.

Magistrate Virginia Sturgess said Way became impatient and smacked it which damaged the display.

She accepted it was very much out of character.

Way was put on a six month good behaviour bond.

No conviction recorded.

Extracted from The Queensland Times.