Principals and sub-contractors that fail to make sure they are adequately insured for any work undertaken that involves airfields and aircraft are risking massive exposures, according to ACAPMA’s insurance partner Gallagher.

Most insurance policies completely exclude cover for vehicles on airfields or involved in aircraft refuelling, meaning business owners with airside exposures often either need policy extensions or stand-alone aviation insurance to provide adequate protection.

Grant Stillman, a specialist fuel sector broker from Gallagher, said: “It’s essential that principals and contractors fully explain to their broker or insurer any work taken that involves aircraft or airfields.

“If you supply or deliver product to airfields or are involved in refuelling aircraft, make sure you know how your insurance policy responds in the event of an incident.

“We regularly see examples of contractors buying cover without realising that the airfield delivery work they undertake is excluded, and principals don’t always ask the right questions to make sure sub-contractors are aware of the risks.

“While Gallagher’s Oilpac insurance product provides cover for airside exposures as standard or as a simple extension, most other policies don’t. If you’re unsure at all about your level of cover, seek professional advice from a specialist broker.”

Stillman added that even rough airstrips on country farms can be considered airfields for insurance purposes.

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