There is no sign of respite from Perth’s high petrol prices.
Prices hit a four-year high this week on the back of surging international crude oil prices.

And with the price of oil bursting through the $US80-a-barrel mark late last week for the first time since November 2014, worldwide petrol prices are predicted to rise further.

The higher oil prices have been blamed on potential supply disruptions, with Venezuelan production plunging, and concerns about lower Iranian production with the reintroduction of US sanctions.

The average price of unleaded petrol in Perth on Tuesday was 158.3¢ a litre — the highest since July 10, 2014.

Some sites were selling petrol for as high as 163.9¢ a litre.

FuelWatch co-ordinator Kyle Huynh said Perth petrol prices had been trending upwards for the past 11 weeks.

He said the Singapore fuel price was the benchmark for Australian prices and it, in turn, was dependent on the international crude oil price.

With Australian petrol prices generally a week behind the Singapore price trend, early indicators were for even higher local prices next week.

Perth’s weekly petrol price cycle means petrol is cheapest on Sunday and Monday and most expensive on Tuesday and Wednesday.

“But even on the most expensive days, significant savings can be made by using the FuelWatch website and finding the cheapest petrol available,” Mr Huynh said.

As an example, there were still 25 sites selling petrol below $1.40 a litre on Tuesday. Motorists filling up at one of these stations would have saved up to $16 on a 60-litre tank of fuel.

Today’s average petrol price across the metropolitan area is 152.7¢ a litre.

But there are still savings available, with the lowest price of 137.9¢ a litre available at Caltex Woolworths in Joondalup and FastFuel 24/7 at Forrestfield.

Extracted from Perth Now.