Driving in Melbourne’s CBD is a certain kind of torture, what with unexpected roadblocks, tram-only passages and numerous hook turn intersections. That’s not to mention the fact that up until now, the Hoddle Grid was home to only one lowly petrol station. But sadly that might be a thing of the past too.

Victoria Street’s 7-Eleven petrol station, located on the bottom end of Drummond Street and near the intersection of Russell Street, will soon be demolished to make way for a 20-storey apartment. Developers Perri Projects and Wingate Property will take on this $150 million project, which will soon house 70 new apartments as well as commercial and hospitality spaces on the ground floor.

The development will be part of the City of Melbourne’s Urban Forest Fund, which was set up in 2017 as a means to turn improve Melbourne’s liveability with green canopies, more open spaces and rooftop gardens. In this instance, the new tower on Victoria Street will be surrounded by trees, though the specifics are a little sparse this early on in the project.

City of Melbourne planning portfolio chairman councillor Nicholas Reece told realestate.com.au that “motorists should think about filling up at the numerous service centres on the way to the city, or better still, catch public transport”.

Still need to fill up? You’ll have to travel further east along Victoria Street towards Collingwood to find the nearest servo. There’s also one on Flemington Road for those coming from the north, or for southside motorists, there’s always that BP on Clarendon Street, under the West Gate Freeway bridge and opposite Macca’s.

Extracted from Time Out.