Gull offers cure for pump shock prices with 12 cents off per litre all fuel
Kiwis around the country suffering from the recent pump price shock in the face of soaring petrol prices are in for some relief thanks to Gull. Gull announced today it is offering 12 cents off per litre across all fuel on its official discount day from 7:00am Thursday 24th May 2018 until 12:00pm (mid-day) on Friday 25th May 2018.

Gull Pricing Analyst, Rohan Mehta explains, “Kiwis have been feeling the impact of soaring global oil prices and a depreciating NZ dollar for weeks and now petrol prices have reached a record high. Here at Gull, we decided to offer some relief to Kiwi motorists by providing 12 cents off per litre discount at the pumps, further increasing the price gap between Gull and the other oil majors.”

He concludes, “Our discount day offer isn’t restricted by a minimum dollar fill or maximum litre fill. We’re simply dropping our price boards and pump prices for everyone to enjoy the discount.”

At the majority of Gull outlets where Gull controls retail prices, average prices are as follows:

Fuel GradeAverage Price per litre
Regular (91 octane)$ 1.932
Force 10 (98 octane)$ 2.082
Diesel$ 1.231

In addition, Gull, has their lowest pump price at their Atiamuri site, selling as below:

Fuel GradePump Price
Regular (91 octane)$ 1.807
Force 10 (98 octane)$ 1.957
Diesel$ 1.107

Extracted from Scoop NZ.