One lucky winner is $2,500 richer after being the one-millionth person to have their licence plate scanned during Scancam’s special promotion on Friday, May 18.

The promotion ran across the five Sanzone Retail group stores; BP Beeliar, BP Henley Brook, BP Balcatta and BP Mindarie and BP Beldon.

Onlookers waited in anticipation, knowing the prize would go off at any moment, asking how close it was to happening, until Marie, a local BP Beldon customer rolled into the service station.

Marie couldn’t believe her luck as she entered the store covered in balloons and streamers.

“I have never won a prize before, I’m stoked to receive the cash prize,” she said.

Len Sanzone (sanzone Retail), Eoin Byrne (Scancam) The lucky licence plate & Marie the winner

Fiona (Store manager) Marie (Winner)

The owner of the sites was delighted with the customer feedback, and is eager to run a similar promotion in the future.

Fiona, the store manager of BP Beldon expressed how happy she was to have a returning customer rewarded for their loyalty.

“It was lovely to see a loyal customer win this fantastic prize, and the staff were over the moon that it went off in our store,” she said.

Scancam has prevented more than $1 million in stolen fuel, and director Eoin Byrne is excited about the opportunities ahead for the company.

“Interestingly whilst fuel theft mitigation and security remains a core area of our business, we are increasingly seeing clients adopt not only our ANPR (Automatic Number license Plate Recognition) solution for fuel theft, but for loyalty applications and big data opportunities like this,” he said.

Scancam is a Perth-based company founded in 2013, helping prevent a $60 million in fuel theft per year problem.

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