The Hodgman Liberal Government is working hard to address cost of living concerns in Tasmania.

Petrol is a major household cost and our Code of Practice for Fuel Price Boards is making it easier for Tasmanian motorists to accurately determine the price of fuel.

A Statewide audit of 195 retailers has found full compliance with new petrol price board laws, which require the price of petrol to be displayed before any discounts are applied.

These new laws were introduced on the 7th of May this year following a six-month transition period for petrol retailers.

Tasmanians can now be confident that they have a consistent and transparent market that will inform better consumers decisions when buying petrol.

Consumer, Building and Occupational services compliance staff conducted the audit to ensure that the industry is complying with the new advertising requirements.

This new pricing requirements will make it easier for consumers to shop around for an accurate comparison of prices on smartphone applications such as the RACT “GasBuddy”.