From their morning coffee, to their late-night snack, consumers are streamlining their payments through the device they use the most – their mobile. Research from PayPal found that almost three-quarters of Australian consumers are now using their mobile phones for payments.

BP last year launched BPMe, an in-app payment system that connects your mobile phone to your local petrol station. The app has seen consistent growth in uptake since launching at the end of last year.

Adam Arnold BP’s Head of Marketing spoke to BI about the ongoing success of the BPMe app and how BPMe is gearing up to become the central payment point for customers.

The app allows people to pay for fuel without leaving the car. It was launched in December 2017 to give customers time back in their day.

Looking to the future, BP is working on a way for customers to pay for shop items using the app to cater to customer needs and drive further mobile-payment technology.

“At the end of the day, we’re not interested in rolling out technology just for technology’s sake, so we can tell people how exciting it is. What’s most important is customers see the benefit,” said Arnold. “We believe we’re meeting the customer needs.”

BP was the first to market with a smart-phone based fuel payment app, and is seeing an overwhelmingly positive response from their consumer base. So far there has been significant growth in uptake of the app, it has achieved a 4.5 in-app rating and has increased conversion to the app from other traditional payment methods.

“We’ve seen a lot of engagement on social media channels… people are saying that they’re converting immediately [to using the app]. It’s a little early to tell if it has converted market share,” Arnold said.

First-time users of any app require trust and reliance in the service. They want to know that it’s secure and that it will work quickly and seamlessly. PayPal’s reputation in the market was one of the key deciding factors for BP during the app build.

“PayPal was an obvious choice for us. They’re a great partner — one of the most trusted brands in Australia. They also enabled us to have a light joining capability. Most of the details are already filled, so customers can register faster,” said Arnold.

How it works

BPme acts as an interface for the cashier aiming to save you time and to ensure that your payment is effortless. You can sign up to BPme from home and your PayPal account can pre-fill your details.

“I think it’s relatively intuitive…You might have young kids in the car. I’m a dad with a two-year-old boy and I really love BPme because I can pay for fuel without leaving the car,” said Arnold.

First time users may find BPMe somewhat unusual, to simply drive away from the pump once they are done with payments. But for the regular users the app works like a dream.

People on the way to work are increasingly using the app in order to get in and out fast.

“We’re trying to find ways to get customers in and out quickly because often it feels like you need petrol when you’re in a rush,” said Arnold.

“[You’re] running late for a meeting and it’s just at that moment when you need fuel.”

The app is available for use in over 700 sites around Australia, but have marked out 1,000 sites that would be well-suited to the app.

Extracted from Business Insider