THE first fuel at the new Truck Central at Berrimah is expected to flow in December.

Truck Central is the first stage of a $19.3 million, 90 hectare industrial precinct bounded by the major heavy transport routes of Tiger Brennan Drive, Berrimah Road and Wishart Road jointly funded by the Federal and Northern Territory Governments. it is being jointly developed with the Land Development Corporation and local company Ostojic Group.

The site will also house a Heavy Vehicle Inspection Station. Infrastructure Minister Eva Lawler announced Norbuilt had won the right to construct the $5.5 million facility.

BP Australia property manager Kathy Graig said the fuel tanks and the dispenser tanks were already installed. She said builders Hutchinson Construction had assured them the service station would be built by November.

“We are forecasting 50,000 customers a month out of this facility — employing around 30 people,” she said.

“BP will be ready middle of November if we can have a site open for Christmas that will be amazing.

“We will have a dedicated truck fuel canopy. We will have a dedicated car canopy. We will offer hot food. Shower facilities and washing facilities.”

Ms Lawler said the heavy vehicle inspection station was to keep trucks out of Goyder Rd, Parap and the CBD.

“In the Territory we know the value of the trucking industry. The Territory has really been built on the back of the transport industry,” she said. “Goyder Rd usage will be looked at in the future. That Goyder Rd site has been around since we were kids. It is highly valuable land so I think it really is at the end of its life.”

CLP Senator Nigel Scullion said a project like this would never happen in Sydney, Brisbane or Perth because it would happen so far out of town.

“This is what we need in the Northern Territory. This is another $20 million injection into the Territory,” he said.

Ostojic Group is a family owned company and have been operating in the Territory for over 40 years. Most of the work is expected to be completed by November with the titles issued in December. The site has a 32,000 sqm handstand. It has employed more than 150 people throughout the construction.

Road Transport Association’s Louise Bilato said this was a critical piece of infrastructure.

“A road train area on the outskirts of Darwin that provides an opportunity for increased safety for our operators to stop for their fatigue risk breaks and to uncouple as they go about their business in town was critical,” she said.

Extracted from the Daily Telegraph