A meticulous clean-up operation is under way after a diesel tanker rolled, spilling thousands of litres in Glenvale this morning.

About 5900L of diesel has spilled from a punctured tanker trailer on Euston Rd since the truck rolled about 5am.

A 500m exclusion zone remains in place for all residents who were evacuated from their homes by police soon after the traffic incident.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Inspector Peter Bradow said crews trained for incidents such as this would work through the process which include cutting power supplies and liaising with the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.

“At the moment our concern is to … arrest the leak,” he said.

“We’ve got a foam blanket over it to keep the exposure standards down from its volatility.

“We’re also working on preventing (the diesel) entering into the water way by a dam that’s constructed out of earth.

“At some point later on today we’ll be able to dig that dirt up and remove it.

Ergon Energy technicians have cut supplies to the overhead power lines which ran over the felled truck.

Firefighters will now decant the remaining fuel supplies in the tanker to another vehicle.

“We’re now working on the other components to remove any energy that may create a fire for us, or an explosion,” Inspector Bradow said.

“Then we’ll set about the decant.

“It’s not a simple process of just pumping it dry.

“It needs to be grounded and bonded to remove any static electricity as the fuel transfers from one vehicle to the next.”

Extracted from Big Rigs