PETROL prices have soared to a four-year high, with motorists staring down the barrel of prices in excess of 164c a litre across the city.

Petrol stations across Adelaide have been experiencing lengthy queues as two outlets on the same street have a price difference of more than 30c.

While the RAA was reporting the average price in Adelaide was 154.3c per litre, several major petrol station chains were selling unleaded petrol at 164.9c per litre on Thursday afternoon.

The RAA is recommending consumers shop around and take advantage of lower prices before the price hike starts to affect more petrol chains.

At 7.30am on Friday, cheaper prices of around 136.9c per litre were still being reported around Adelaide Airport.

There were also better deals in O’Halloran Hill, West Lakes and Croydon Park.

RAA fuel expert Mark Borlace said the 30c spike price over the last few days has been one of the highest seen in several years.

“This is the thing that really annoys people,” Mr Borlace said.

“If you miss the cycle by a day you could pay 25 per cent more for your petrol.”

Mr Borlace recommended said that consumers need to be wary of the market before buying and to make the companies pay for price gouging.

“If the companies are playing with the market the only to play yourself is to buy sparingly while the price is high,” Mr Borlace said.

“Don’t fill up completely until the price drops in a couple of weeks time.”

Mr Borlace said the prices at some outlets were likely to remain low on Friday morning but could creep towards the 160c mark late in the day and over the weekend.

The average price in Adelaide was 3-6c higher than regional centres around South Australia.

The daily average price of diesel fuel in Adelaide has also been creeping up towards 150c.

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