A SECOND-HAND clothing shop, three houses and a duplex are flagged for demolition to make way for a proposed service station in Manoora.

Cairns-based development firm Stateland has lodged applications to Cairns Regional Council to build the new petrol station at the corner of Macilwraith and Pease Sts.

The small building long occupied by preloved clothing store KJ’s Closet would be knocked down, along with a number of old neighbouring homes.

The move comes as fuel prices in Cairns hit some of the highest levels on record.


The application states the service station would feature:

■ 4.8m high, 175sq m tenancy dedicated to the service station (advertising parapets will extend to 5.5m in height)

■ 4.8m high, 103sq m tenancy intended to be used for some form of fast food outlet or a small shop

■ 5.5m high, 395sq m fuel dispensing forecourt with eight car fuelling positions, additional queuing room and underground fuel storage tanks

■ Site coverage of approximately 34.5 per cent

■ A refuse/services area and delivery/refuse collection bay

■ Water and air facilities;

■ Roofed and bunded refuse area

■ 1.8m high fence to the northern boundary and 2m high no-gaps acoustic fence to the western boundary

■ Total of 340sq m of landscaping, distributed as:

● Approximate 1.5m-2m wide landscape strip to Pease St

● Approximate 2.5m-6m wide landscape strip to Macilwraith St

● 1.5m wide landscape strip to both the western and northern boundaries

■ 8m tall internally illuminated pylon sign will be located onsite, fronting Pease St

■ Additional illuminated signage on the facade of the building associated with both tenancies is also proposed.

The proposed service station would operate 24-hours-a-day with staff numbers not known until future tenants have been confirmed.

Current artist impressions include only generic signage, giving no indication of which fuel company might eventually move in.

The proposal is yet to come before the council for a decision.

Extracted from Cairns Post