The cost of filling up is now at almost a five-year high, but some savvy motorists are spending far less than those alongside them at the pump.

Experts have revealed the guaranteed ticks to save drivers up to $1,000 a year at the bowser.

Aussie drivers using the 7-Eleven fuel app at its petrol stations have saved 12.5 cents a litre on average compared with others at the same station buying the same fuel. That equates to $6.5 million dollars over two-and-a-half years.

The app allows motorists to “lock in” their lowest price and achieve some significant discounts.

Once you register for the 7-Eleven card, the app will find the best fuel price in your area. Choose how many litres you want, and lock in the low price for seven days.

The savings can be redeemed at any 7-Eleven servo across the country.

It’s an initiative backed by automotive expert John Cadogan.

“Prices are extremely volatile when a holiday looms, so you might save 15 or 20 cents just by locking it in then,” he told 7 News.

Along with other apps comparing prices in your area and shopper discount dockets, motorists can take advantage of more ways to save.

“Independents have to compete with the big players, so you will generally find cheaper fuel prices at independent servos,” Mr Cadogan advised.

Gone are the days when drivers wait for the fuel light to come on, forcing them to fill up at the closest servo. Experts recommend to start shopping around for the cheapest petrol once the tank becomes half-full.

Extracted from Yahoo