RISING social media trucking personality Tony Fulton vented his frustration at Australia’s high fuel prices in his latest video.

Tony, who runs the Tones Truckin’ Stories Facebook page that often stars his dog Kelsi, has been using the platform to raise awareness of what truckies face every day.

After filling up his truck at a service station charging just over $1.61/litre for diesel (“The cheapest on the east coast”), Tony took aim at the two taxes imposed on those who fill up their heavy vehicles.

Based on a price of $1.65/litre for diesel, which Tony said most fuel stations are now, he said that price included two taxes – “40 cents of fuel excise tax separate to the GST and then you put the GST on top of it”.

“With $1.65 at the bowser you should only be paying $1.08 per litre o5r if it was only GST-able, it would be around $1.20,” he said.

“So why are we getting taxed that? It goes up every six months in line with alcohol and cigarettes – fuel is a necessity, alcohol and cigarettes are a luxury. Is the money going anywhere to do with roads?

“Well, from what I’ve found that only 20 percent does, the other 80 percent goes into general revenue so all I see here is a tax on top of a tax that we are forced to pay because we don’t have any other option.

“People are going to start to struggle soon and especially trucks. People will end up parking up or prices for transport get jacked up through the roof.

“40 cents a litre when you’re doing $1000 a day, that adds up.”

Extracted from Big Rigs