THERE was traffic chaos in Perth’s south Monday night when dozens of motorists desperate for cheap fuel turned a major road into a virtual car park.

Cars were queued for hundreds of metres in the left-hand lane of Nicholson Road in Canning Vale for hours by drivers keen to fill up before the weekly price rise.

Petrol was expected to jump up by 30 cents per litre, bringing the average price of unleaded fuel in the Perth metro area to an all-time high of 163.9 c/litre on Tuesday.

Footage of the massive queue was posted on the Bell Tower Times.

In the video it shows rows of cars stopped in the left lane of Nicholson Road heading towards the Caltex Woolworths, while the right lane is relatively clear.

As the car approaches the intersection, rows of cars are also seen backed up on Amherst Street.

“Sucks if you needed that turn off,” The Bell Tower Times captioned their post.

The video was posted to Facebook, and has already received hundreds of comments about driver behaviour.

“What’s the point! You’ll only save about ten bucks n with all that idling. Who could be bothered queuing like that?” another person wrote.

“Saves $5 In Fuel, Spends $8 In Fuel waiting in the car for an hour to get fuel?” wrote another.

With fuel at a record high today, experts recommend checking Fuelwatch before filling up.

Extracted from Bunbury Herald