Regular readers of this newsletter will be aware that, earlier this year, the Queensland Government announced its’ intention to introduce a two-year trial of compulsory fuel price reporting laws from December 2018.

The design of the Scheme was developed by the Government following consultation with industry stakeholders (i.e. AIP and ACAPMA) and the RACQ.

The resultant design will require all fuel retailers to report fuel prices to a government appointed ‘Aggregator’ within 30 minutes of making any change. This information will then be made available on a continual basis to providers of existing fuel price check services like MotorMouth and GasBuddy.

“With the new laws having recently been finalised and the Aggregator appointed, the Queensland Government is now in the final stages of preparations for commencement of the two-year fuel price reporting trial from December 2018”, said ACAPMA CEO Mark McKenzie

“While the new laws are being introduced on a two-year trial basis, participation of all Queensland fuel retailers in the trial is compulsory”, added Mark

The Government has announced that retailers, particularly smaller retailers, will be given a ‘period of grace’ to comply with the new laws (until March 2019) but there will be strong encouragement for all retailers to commence reporting as soon as possible.

Late last week, the Queensland Department of Natural Resources Mines and Energy (DNRME) sent out a Bulletin to all Queensland fuel retailers discussing the scheme. A copy of this Bulletin can be downloaded at Fuel price reporting trial – 18 October 2018 email to fuel retailers

“We are assisting the government with industry communications and understand that the Government will release more details about how fuel retail businesses can upload fuel prices to the system over the next week”, said Mark

“While our preference was for the government to have relied on the existing industry-based price reporting services, the Queensland Government has taken the time to develop a solution that seeks to minimise the impost on fuel retailers by taking advantage of these services rather than duplicating them”, said Mark

“Essentially the new laws will enhance the effectiveness of these existing services by collecting data from ALL retailers in real-time and then passing this information on to them”, said Mark

“The Queensland Scheme is a marked improvement over the schemes currently operating in both NSW (Fuel Check) and the Northern Territory (MyFuelNT)”, Mark continued.

ACAPMA will monitor the implementation of the scheme and work co-operatively with the Government to address any issues that arise for fuel retailers in complying with the new laws.

Member businesses wanting further information about the Queensland Fuel Price Reporting Trial can contact the Queensland Government by visiting or by sending an email to

Any members who experience difficulties in participation, and have not been able to resolve these issues in discussion with the Queensland Government, are encouraged to contact the ACAPMA Secretariat on 1300 160 270 or by emailing