Gallagher has been ACAPMA’s insurance partner for more than 30 years. As a specialist broker for the fuel industry and convenience stores sector, Gallagher handles a large number of claims which can serve as reminder to other businesses in the industry of the risks they face on a daily basis.

Gallagher’s latest incident report features some major claims events and trends that are relevant to businesses of all sizes right across the sector.

Incident report Oct-Nov 2018

  1. There has been a spate of ram raids in southern regional NSW – about 15 in a short space of time. This is highly unusual, and cigarettes seem to have been the main target. What these events have highlighted is that risk management processes in country areas are not as sophisticated as they are in metro areas, in terms of measures such as cigarette safes. We’ve never seen so many incidents as this in such a short time in regional areas, and it is too early to say whether this is a dangerous emerging trend or a short-term blip.
  2. Higher-than-usual levels of truck collisions caused by third party negligence have been recorded in the past two months. Around 60% of truck collision claims in this time have been due to third party negligence. Again, it’s difficult to understand why this is occurring, because these figures are highly out of proportion to the norm. It’s also not something that drivers can control beyond being vigilant.
  3. We’ve had a number of reports from clients that vehicle repairs through insurer-approved repairers are taking much longer than expected, and this is something we’re raising with our insurer partners. Examples include clients being told that the repair is a one-week job and they find that 10 days later nothing has been done on the vehicle. Similarly, supposed 10-day jobs have been taking 3-4 weeks to be completed, and it’s simply not acceptable. If this has happened to you, please let us know and we can assist. It is also worth reporting any concerns to ACAPMA so they can take appropriate measures to act on members’ behalves.
  4. There has been a noticeable reduction in cyber security breaches in the sector, which is a very positive development. Prior to the past 3 months, we received reports of between 20-30 serious incidents, but these have largely dried up. The hope is that businesses within the sector are applying stronger processes to reduce their cyber attack risks. Businesses requiring info on cyber insurance can request more details here.
  5. Higher-than-usual levels of incorrectly calibrated pumps have been occurring, with 6-7 examples in recent weeks. These have led to both too much fuel and too little fuel being delivered to customers. Whether this is a digital or mechanical issue is unclear at this time. However, if you have noticed any issues, please inform ACAPMA.

If you need advice on risk management and insurance for your business, contact Gallagher on 1800 572 145 or visit to request more information on their range of insurance solutions for the sector.