Late yesterday, the Queensland Government formally ratified new Regulations that will see the commencement of new fuel price reporting laws on Monday 3, December 2018 (A copy of the Regulation can be found at

The Queensland Government recently sent every Queensland fuel retailer an email providing web-link to the online registration process and ACAPMA understands that all retailers will be sent a further update later today (i.e. Friday, 16 November).

“With the date of commencement of these new laws announced as 3 December 2018, Queensland Fuel Retail Businesses have 2 weeks to sign up for fuel price reporting”, said ACAPMA CEO Mark McKenzie

The sign-up process simply involves entering your fuel retailer details at

“As previously advised, the new laws will require fuel retailers to advise any/all price changes within 30 minutes of changing them at the bowser”, said Mark

Four options will be available to fuel retailers for reporting of their prices, namely:

  1. Directly reporting fuel prices via This approach may be best suited for small retailers and individual retail sites.
  2. Direct data upload via an API (Application Programming Interface) or Flat file (plain text file) to Fuel Prices QLD. This approach may be best suited for medium to large retailers with multiple sites.
  3. Direct bulk data upload to Fuel Prices QLD through a fuel retailer appointed third party agent.
  4. Phoning prices through where an internet connection is not available.

“The Queensland price reporting scheme differs to NSW Fuel Check and MyFuelNT in that there is not a specific government managed mobile phone app for accessing fuel prices”, said Mark.

Rather, real-time fuel price information will be made available to existing providers of consumer information for relay to motorists

“That said, fuel retailers will be able to access real-time fuel prices from the scheme to ensure that their prices are competitive”, Mark said

Fuel retailers wishing to gain access to this real-time market price data need to register for this service by visiting

“While the new laws provide a period of grace from prosecution is being required until 1 March 2018 for fuel retailers that cannot comply from 3 December 2018, the Queensland Government will be strongly encouraging all market participants to commence reporting from the get go”, added Mark

Further information about the development of the Queensland Government’s fuel price reporting trial is available by visiting or email