JUST before lunchtime on Monday, the driveway of the BP Junction Hill is lined with people waiting to fill up.

It’s discount day at the out of town service station, and manager Cherrie Smith said that a simple change to their marketing has made all the difference.

“We had always advertised our fuel price, and found that people were very negative towards it,” she said.

“They weren’t negative towards us, but towards the industry in general. They’d say that fuel prices were an abomination.

“Now we promote our discounting, the fact that we’ll take anybody’s vouchers…and on Monday and Tuesday we give a six-cent discount on the four cent vouchers.”

The response has been enormous, with the station, which still has consistently one of the lowest fuel prices in the Clarence Valley, drawing in locals and travellers alike.

The response has been so swift, that they have often run out of fuel, sometimes on days when they have had fuel deliveries.

“The demand has been so great, especially for the local farmers,” she said.

“Sometimes we’ll get farmers who will come in and buy 2000 litres because of the discounting… and even the ones who have never discounted… once we show them how much they save we can convince them.”

Ms Smith said the service station was independently owned, buying their fuel from BP, and many of their local customers were keen to support an independent.

“They are very passionate about fuel,” she said. “And the locals tell us they want to support us as well -they’re happy they don’t have to drive.

“And we give back; we sell local produce at the door and we’ve had a local lady selling flowers.

“It’s about supporting the locals that support us, and it’s a ripple effect. The owners are very happy and can’t thank people enough for that support.”

Extracted from The Daily Examiner