HOBART’S high fuel prices are an extra incentive to ditch petrol in favour of pedal power, the Tasmanian Bicycle Network says.

The state’s petrol prices have remained high despite dramatic falls in the global wholesale price of fuel, prompting the State Government to take the issue to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

But the Bicycle Network’s Alison Hetherington said there was an easier way to beat fuel prices – ride a bike.

“The start of summer typically means less rain and wind and longer daylight hours, which equates to easy-going riding conditions,” Ms Hetherington said.

She said the average cost of running a car in Tasmania was $14,978, and petrol price rises made the costs higher.

“Riding a bicycle even just part way of the journey can save money normally spent on petrol and parking fees, as well as providing extra exercise,” she said.

“Put the money you save on parking and petrol into a piggy bank and see how quickly it adds up.”

Bike rider Carrie Riseley said she took to wheels last winter, tempted to brave the elements because she moved near the intercity cycleway at New Town.

“I’m definitely saving on petrol, my commute to work in Hobart is now basically free,” she said.

Ms Riseley said she also arrived at work in better shape, physically and mentally.

“When I get to work I feel more alert and energised,” she said.

Resources Minister Sarah Courtney says Hobart’s fuel prices, which are the highest in the nation, were unacceptable and the Government would take the matter to the ACCC.

According to CommSec’s fuel watch platform MotorMouth, the average price for unleaded fuel in Hobart is 156.7c a litre – which is the highest in the country.

Extracted from Daily Telegraph