However, some fuel retailers in Wagga believe fuel price might have already “tanked” for the time being.

Wagga’s unleaded petrol prices have been dropping in the lead up to Christmas.

On Friday, Junee’s independent service stations have again posted some of region’s lowest prices.

Swift Service Centre owner Paul Seaman said he did not know where the price would go to with a surge in people returning from Christmas holidays or departing for New Year’s Eve.

“With the US oil prices and that, it has come down steadily but it’s bottomed out. We don’t know whether it’s going to go up or down,” he said.

“It may go up, it may go down.”

“I’d want it to go down, obviously, but I don’t know.”

According to the NSW Government’s FuelCheck website, Wagga’s unleaded 91 price ranged from 122 to 130 cents per litre with the state average sitting at 129.2 cents.

Wagga drivers were faring much better than those further west, with prices around Hay hitting 142 cents.

Drivers’ group NRMA spokesman Peter Khoury said Sydney had its own fuel price cycle but Wagga should follow national and international prices heading into the new year.

The NRMA’s price tracking showed that Wagga’s average prices were two cents per litre higher than in Albury.

“The spread is going to vary but the prices have come back of the past few months from almost 40 cents per litre, which is obviously pleasing,” Mr Khoury said.

“World oil price falls that have been going on for the past two months have been passed on, to an extent, and we want to see that continue.

“There is (some discrepancy between Wagga and capital city prices) but that’s because Sydney is at the bottom of its price cycle”.

Mr Khoury urged holiday drivers to plan fuel stops ahead and use smartphone apps to track prices and find the best deal as prices were varying from town to town.

Extracted from Daily Advertiser