The Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, Kate Carnell has welcomed the new function of assisting with disputes that fall under Franchising, Horticulture and Oil Codes of Conduct.

“Our office is providing businesses with information on the codes, options to resolve disputes and access to mediation services,” Ms Carnell said.

“These mandatory industry codes, prescribed under the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, help participants in these industries understand their rights and responsibilities and provide avenues for dispute resolution.”

The Franchising Code of Conduct is a mandatory code that applies to all businesses involved in a franchise agreement. The Code also describes the behaviours expected of franchisees and franchisors and includes a process for managing disputes.

The Oil Code of Conduct is a mandatory code that regulates the conduct of wholesalers and fuel resellers who are involved in the sale, supply or purchase of declared petroleum products such as unleaded petrol and diesel.

The Horticulture Code of Conduct is a mandatory code that aims to improve the clarity and transparency of trading arrangements between growers and traders in the horticulture sector.

The new details for dispute resolution services and mediation are:

Phone: 1300 650 460