FILL up your tanks – petrol prices have hit plummeted! Gasp!!

Well, not quite, but Darwin’s pumps saw petrol prices significantly down compared to the usual rates on Thursday.

Notoriously a good fuel stop, Winnellie’s FuelXpress was the lowest at just 123.3¢ per litre while as many as 10 outlets including United Darwin and Parap were asking for just 128.9¢ per litre.

Automobile Association of the Northern Territory Operations manager Edon Bell said the international market had dropped, leading to a flow-on effect across Australia.

“Currently the prices are low because international prices have eased since mid October, so there has been a continual downward trend,” he said.

“We saw a bit of a lag through November in the reducing pump price.

“The margin between terminal gate price (and service stations) blew out to nearly 30¢. It’s come back in to around 17¢.”

Mr Bell said people should take advantage not only of low prices but of the difference in prices across town.

“It’s really difficult to make any determination. The market has been in a consistent drop in the last two months and seems to have flattened out over the past two weeks over the Christmas period … take advantage of low prices now.

“It remains to be seen what the international market will do in the short to medium term,” he said.

“There is significant change in the highest and lowest prices, so it certainly pays to shop around. Get out there and actively shop for best price on the day.

“Consumers can make a difference.”

The most expensive fuel prices recorded across Darwin were 141.9¢ per litre, at Coles Express in the city, Nightcliff and at Winnellie.