MOTORING  body RACQ has warned Townsville motorists not to be complacent when filling up even though fuel prices have dropped.

RACQ head of public policy Rebecca Michael said Townsville’s average fuel price was 10 cents more expensive than the deemed fair price.

“We can see the average fuel price in Townsville is 135 cents a litre. We would actually suggest a fair fuel price is 125 cents a litre,” Ms Michael said.

“We think Townsville fuel providers should be selling (fuel) for a little less.”

Ms Michael said there was no reason fuel should be expensive after the price of oil had fallen dramatically from $86 a barrel to $53.

“Prices are relatively cheap at the moment. If you shop around you could save a little,” she said. “We’re cautioning people against getting too complacent in thinking these fuel prices will be cheap forever.”

Ms Michael said fuel prices in Townsville’s suburbs on average cost more than in the city, with most service stations selling unleaded fuel about 139 cents a litre.

The opening of a new United service station on the Bruce Highway between Bowen and Proserpine is drawing attention in North Queensland.

This week it was selling fuel 27 cents cheaper than the Proserpine average.

In December the State Government launched a two-year trial of a fuel pricing monitoring system.

Fuel retailers will be required to report their prices to a government aggregator within 30 minutes of a price change.

Extracted from Townsville Bulletin