Bega has once again topped the most expensive petrol in regional NSW list – an unwelcome honour the town has had on many occasions.

In the latest report from NRMA Bowser Busters, taking in fuel prices as at the close of business February 3, the average price for unleaded fuel in Bega was nearly three cents a litre dearer than the next in the list, Wauchope.

Of the 57 locations for unleaded and diesel fuel monitored by Bowser Busters, Bega ranked a clear 57th at 147.2cpl on average. Wauchope’s average unleaded price was 144.5cpl.

This was actually a drop of 1.2cpl from the previous week’s average for Bega.

Bega also rated poorly for diesel at 55th on the list with an average price of 154.0cpl, behind Wauchope (154.3) and Port Macquarie (156.4).

Cheapest unleaded petrol in the state was available at Nowra for 123.6cpl on average – 23.6cpl cheaper than Bega. Cheapest diesel was at the north-east regional town of Gunnedah, west of Tamworth, for 137.2cpl.

In Sydney and the major cities, unleaded petrol was selling for between 127.9cpl (Sydney) and 135.0cpl (Central Coast), with Canberra an outlier at 142.0cpl.

Sydney unleaded petrol average prices (E10, Regular, Premium 95 and Premium 98 grades of fuel) have fallen 10cpl this past week due to the removal of petrol price discounting the NRMA said. 

The current Sydney price is expected to fall further to 117 cpl over the next 1-2 weeks.

Bega is served by three main petrol stations. Two are Caltex branded – one independently owned and one a Woolworths outlet – and the third is a Coles Shell. There is also a fourth self-serve pump near the cheese factory, which is also Caltex.

Extracted from Bega District News