Customers filling up at Stockland Glendale’s Caltex service station have been left asking questions after a price sign confusion Wednesday morning.

One customer pulled in for fuel around 7.15am thinking the price of E10 unleaded petrol was set at 123.9 cents per litre, but when he went to pay he found the sign should have displayed 143.9 cents per litre.

“There were about 10 confused customers as we all read the sign and pulled up thinking it was the lower price on the sign,” he said.

The customer, who did not want to be identified, said he was told by an attendant that the sign had partially fallen apart in the rain.

A photo sent to the Herald shows a paper sign covering the digital price display at the service station and a number 4 lying on the ground at the foot of the sign.

“After being forced to pay (I) walked over to see a paper sign had indeed fallen off “because it was wet”,” the customer said.

“The attendant said it was the higher price and there were many unhappy customers being forced to pay. 

“I argued that I could have filled up at Woolworths Petrol down the road at Cardiff for $1.28/L and the higher price was exorbitant. 

“He said 17 cent rise came through yesterday but sign has been broken for weeks.”

Woolworths has been contacted for comment.

Extracted from the Herald