The nation’s unofficial price watchdog Motormouth — which operates an app showing motorists where cheap fuel is in their local area — studied what happened during all nine price spiking events in Adelaide over the last six months when motorists were paying up to a four-year high for unleaded petrol.

“When prices spike in Adelaide, there are often sites that consistently keep their prices below the competition,” a Motormouth spokesman said.

The analysis follows extraordinary events last week when a cluster of outlets around Costco at Kilburn defied a price peak initiated by the majors.

“On Wednesday afternoon, the average unleaded price for Adelaide was 137.7c/l, but there were a dozen sites still selling fuel for 115.9c/l or less,” the Motormouth spokesman said.

“The nine price spikes in Adelaide from July last year to January this year show that there are often sites that consistently keep their prices below the competition at these times.”

Independent outlets Liberty, X Convenience, and United lead the charge when it came to the long-term trend of holding out against high prices.

These companies had six retail outlets, five, and two petrol stations in the top twenty respectively.

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But two of the majors, Caltex/Woolworths and OTR also had three in the top twenty each.

Costco was the only other outlet represented.

Adelaide motorists endured a wild ride throughout 2018, when prices topped 160c/l for unleaded petrol during one price peak. This was a four-year high, blamed on a turbulent world oil market during the middle of the year.

In contrast, for three weeks following Christmas Eve, prices remained at or below the wholesale price paid by retailers.

The Motormouth spokesman said shopping around in Adelaide because of the trend could often save motorists up to 30c/l.

“In the current cycle we’ve seen Adelaide fuel prices spike in the last day or two but the savvy motorist can still save by shopping around.” the spokesman said.

“For motorists wanting to save money, there is no shortage of quality apps in the marketplace with free access to timely fuel price information.

“Site level fuel prices displayed on the MotorMouth app are real-time and help price conscious South Australian motorists save hundreds of dollars a year.’’


Liberty — Woodville, Woodville South, Woodville Gardens, Woodville North, Richmond, Torrensville

X Convenience — Woodville North, Croydon Park, Klemzig, Netley, Brooklyn Park

Caltex/Woolworths — Kilkenny, West Richmond, Blair Athol

OTR — Underdale, Salisbury Downs, Kilburn

United — Blair Athol, Adelaide Airport

Costco — Kilburn

Extracted from Adelaide Now